Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beads and Buttons and Books

Three of my four favorite things to have or work with start with a "B" - but this store even has another "B", a collection of badges. Recently, I visited Vienna (Austria) and chanced upon this incredible shop for buttons and beads and books and beautiful old things one would probably call vintage today. I hesitate to use that expression -

A wall full of shining buttons and beads
it is not just vintage in the present-day interpretation of the term, these items are truly classic in their style, their usefulness and practicality is still present as is their beauty of design - they are the very essence of form follows function. Exciting examples of how to use buttons and beads and ribbons and lace are found in just one click - the creations of Mizzie Morawez!
A few steps into the store and your eyes start shining...
The owner, Mr. Thomas (Heinrich Thomas, Burggasse 11/1, 1076 Wien, Austria, Tel. +43-664-3580701; speaking German and English) is still driving to markets all over Europe where buttons and beads and antiques are offered and sold - a true collector and a treasure trove for anybody who appreciates his collection -

Entrance to the store for buttons and beads and badges and...
and yes, you may acquire most things you see in the store, be it old textile craft items or other interesting books, china, glass bottles, dolls... click here another description of the store.

Vases and mirrors
if you love such stores, plan on spending a lot of time there, sifting through the treasures... (also see my last blog post about this store which includes some information like opening hours, tel. number etc.)
Spend a day in a shiny store!
And what do you think is in the envelopes at the top?
...gilded buttons, studs and badges, all in absolute mint condition!
Treasures - hidden away for a long time
One should turn this beautiful shop into a museum 
Below some pictures of beautiful china and glass vases just waiting for you to take to your home ...
A thermo-clad coffee pot - in the style of Art Nouveau Bauscher Weiden

Lovely cups that want to be held in both hands...
These decanters look like a still life painting
I am sorry but the lace found its way into my bag...

This stirs every lace lover's heart!
Heinrich Thomas (Vienna) - one more link - click here
Read more on our trip to Vienna in these posts: Emilie Flöge and the Lady in Gold and Beholding Beauty

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Mardi said...

Wonderful stuff! What an incredible collection and isn't it lucky for those of us who love these things that there is someone like Mr. Thomas who collects it all for sale?