Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paths are Made by Walking

This quote is attributed to Franz Kafka and in my view it translates so well into the technique of Freeform. With every freeform creation new trails are made, no piece must resemble the one previous, shapes and colors in countless varieties and combinations. It is also like writing a book, quoting Kafka again: “Many a book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self.”
Freeform Creation by Mitsuko Tonouchi (Copyright - All Rights Reserved)
Freeform pieces or scrumbles, single or joined, shaped into recognizable clothing styles or running wild, unpredictable and adventurous like the creations by Mizzie Morawez or the beautiful shapes and interpretations by Mitsuko Tonouchi  Freeform is a trail-blazing art, full of creativity and inspiration. 

Mitsuko Tonouchi is a renowned Japanese Textile Artist, especially her freeform work is met with a lot of admiration and high praise. Many of her fabulous imaginative pieces can be viewed on Pinterest. I posed two questions to Mitsuko Tonouchi with regard to her work

Wall Hanging - by Mitsuko Tonouchi (Copyright - All Rights Reserved)
Q: "Do you start out your project with a specific shape or color in mind, or an approximate design that you first put down on paper and then create with fabric or yarns?" 
A: "I start without a plan. I sometimes get something very quickly like in a flash. If anything, I conceived something from... a word, a photo and a connection... I look for inspiration (for example: popping up a picture book, looking at art magazines and go for walks to take photos...
Q: "Do the voids between the scrumbles / freeform pieces carry a meaning, or are they sometimes even the carriers of a message?"
A: " Sometimes, and I think I need to put a meaning or a message... I worry it would not have individuality."
Deep Sea Fantasy - Mitsuko Tonouchi (Copyright - all Rights reserved)

Please note that the 3 pictures above are copyrighted (All Rights Reserved) and belong to Mitsuko Tonouchi. Please respect the property rights.

My own freeform work is progressing all too slowly - my day job is in the way! The Wisteria scarf is finished and I found some lovely beads for it in a Button and Beads store in Vienna... here is a picture to give you an idea of how hard it was to leave that store: 
Buttons and Beads Store in Vienna (Austria)

If you can't wait for more pictures and happen to live in or visit Vienna, here's the address: Knoepfe und Perlen. Heinrich Thomas, Burggasse 11/1,1076 Wien, tel. +34 (0) 6643580701 - and the Opening Hours - note those whimsical Viennese distinctions!

For more information and pictures see the post: Beads and Buttons and Books

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Lynn Ross said...

Beautiful and inspiring work. Thanks for highlighting it.