Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beholding Beauty

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. What an ingenious and clever saying! Beauty is perceived individually, it  has many mothers and fathers. It gives us all a free ticket to love the perfect and imperfect, the wellknown and the almost forgotten, the sought after as well as the unappreciated and unrecognized.
Rose Garden (Hofburg, Vienna) Picture by Valerie Mader
It also means that if you do not see beauty in paintings such the mysterious Mona Lisa or golden bliss of The Kiss, it is perfectly acceptable. Instead you might prefer to see Goya's Black Paintings, or the work of Neo Rauch, you might want to listen to David Garrett instead of medieval music, prefer Mizzi Morawez' bold creations to the sleek Armani outfits. If it weren't for the liberty of taste, how poor would the art world be?
Egon Schiele (Tulln): I, the eternal child
Our recent trip to Austria brought this proverb to mind as we were visiting art-studded museums and galleries in and around Vienna. Egon Schiele was on top of my wish list:
We visited the museum in Tulln, his birthplace.
Egon Schiele Museum (Tulln, Austria)
The museum houses not too many of his paintings and they have not often been shown elsewhere, so do not miss seeing some of his lesser known paintings if you like Schiele!
Please visit ARTSY if you wish to know more about  Egon Schiele or Gustav Klimt. ARTSY is an association with the mission to make works of art available for viewing and buying on the Internet. Also of interest: Emilie Flöge and the lady in gold.                                                                                                                     
Egon Schiele
Vienna is always worth a visit. The Mumok is a major attraction for those you who wish to visit a museum of modern art, and for those who want to relax in those ingenious blue plastic recliners, eat a delicious icecream or enjoy Viennese coffee in one of its many variations, listen to street musicians or just look at the blue sky above.
Museum of Modern Art: MUMOK (Vienna)
Relaxing on the Museumsplatz (Vienna)
Here some quirky Viennese special events::
Do You Yodel? (jodel?) As of 28 May...

Clairvoyance? Boycott FIFA
Footwalker = Austrian for Pedestrian
Always helpful!
Hofburg  Palace- of Sissi fame (Vienna)
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