Wednesday, December 11, 2013

... 11. 12. 13 ... and counting

One of those tempting dates again: The 11th of the 12th month of the year 2013! Of course, I could have gotten up early, too: 08:09:10, or published this post at 13:14:15- at any rate, I just can't let this pallindrome-suitable date 13/12/11 at 11:12:13 pass by without a blog entry. This time about a fake cable and how effortlessly it is made. Not that I don't like real cables, nor do I find them difficult to make. But this illusion version is very nice as well:
Illusion of Cables
See the original pattern - and here my changes to it:  I made only two repeats, with center stripe of 4 stitches (knit WS and RS), each framed by "RS 2 p WS 2 knit" stitches.
Illusion of Cables Scarf with Mohair Flower Brooch
Increased 4 extra stitches each side one row before Cast Off to knit them together (= 4 stitches) in Cast Off row. This gives extra ease and I like the little wingy ends :-) I like the relatively short length, doesn’t get into the way when bending down.

Illusion of Cables Scarf with Mohair Flower Brooch
The fake cables at the left appear to be a bit narrower than the ones to the right, hmmm, no idea why because a) pattern repeat is identical and b) I did not steam the scarf during blocking, just pinned it down evenly and put a wet cloth over it overnight and let it dry. Keeps its original "fuzzy" look very well. Click here Mohair Flower Brooch for instructions for the flower brooch.
And of course I cannot resist a complimentary color: golden yellow as in this non-illusionary Hefezopf (Yeast Braid), its look certainly related to cables, right?


Linda said...

The scarf is simply lovely! The color divine! And if you didn't know they were not real cables, you would never be able to tell! It all looks great!

Linda in VA

Laura said...

Thank you so much Linda! Your comment makes me happy... wish I could share the Hefezopf with you :-)

Mardi said...

You have me drooling! I love the cables that aren't cables and that braided bread looks so delicious that I may have to do some baking myself very soon. The smell of bread fresh from the over is such a delightful aroma and who doesn't love it?

Laura said...

Mardi, thank you so much for your comment on the illusionary cables! As for the bread: the recipes you are posting on Pinterest always look so tempting I simply have to make them!

Marie in the Sky said...

Beautiful scarf, love the ton and the little flower
and the brioche is... no words !

Laura said...

How kind of you - Thank you so much - Marie-of-beautiful-pictures of most fascinating places!!