Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Candles

Advent time - so special for children. Decorating the Christmas tree, cards and gifts arriving, school or church Christmas plays, shops and markets with adorned colorful lights and lots of golden, red and green garlands strung across the streets, the first snow falling and the delight of using the sleigh on a snowy hill - who from the northern parts of the globe doesn't remember this fondly. And every Advent Sunday in December another candle will be lit until it is time for the Christmas tree.
Copyright Valerie Mader
The frosty weather reminded me of the time I knitted beanies for just about every child I knew.

Various beanies for children
In the evenings, I have been busy with my new project "Scarf n' Half" - ready to be photographed, all I need now is a model! Pattern to follow soon.
Entangled Scarf n' Half

Bunched up Scarf n' Half

For the light mauve colored string I used my precious handspun and dyed silk, and will use some of my tailspun yarn to add more "Halves" to my scarf project. If you are wondering about tailspun yarn, here is a good blog post explaining it all.

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