Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ritzy Glitzy Scarf Belt

With DMC Coton Perlé 8 taken double this scarf is for Valerie - the pattern is Queen Anne's Lace once again. I sewed together two fancy buttons to hold the scarf or belt together where needed. In a shorter version it would look wonderful as a cowl or scarflet, I am sure.
In the bottom picture you can see the loop for the neck to the left of the button.

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Sarah said...

Fancy, fancy, Laura. Valerie will sure feel like royalty wrapped around in this elegant Queen Anne lace. I love the swirl, twining effect the lace design produced. I see a soaring vest, shrug, or something for spring. Ooooh, it's spring here at last...although when I took my teen 45 minutes out of town for her solo rehearsal yesterday, it snowed where we were! Go figure. I am feeling lazy this morning still laying in bed trying to get a row or two in my Spring sweater, My heart has been heavy over various encounters...which I am working through. Pulling out old art really helps :D