Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ever Heard of a Yarn Bowl?

What a beautiful and practical invention I just found
on the blog of Wool
mountain. A YARN BOWL, made by Julie Knowles Pottery. Of course, there are cats to consider, but as a gift to that special knitter friend, knitting outside and having yarn collect nasty odds and ends and rolling away under the  bushes, this might be the perfect gift: with this bowl yarn will reach the needles in pristine condition! PS: no relations whatsoever to Julie, just yarn-green with envy...

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Sarah said...

I discovered yarn bowls at Sock Summit last year and pleased to learn that the artist/potter is from my town here in Central Oregon. What a terrific idea/invention! I have in my queue to make one myself--in addition to a clay one, I want one in felted/fulled woollies! Thanks for sharing Julie's creative beauty, Laura.