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The Lauragais landscape flows in soft waves to the far horizon. Occasionally, there is a bastide, a castle or a windmill accentuating the slight rises from the plains, serving as a resting point to the eye before searching for yet another elevation. The golden sea of sunflowers and wheat, the multi-colored untilled fields and the various green crops gracing the undulating harmonious landscape create a visual harmony no man can replicate in all its beauty and variety.

Le Lauragais
In most every way the picture above - grandson Victor, lifting his arms in a subconscious gesture as if ready to take off, joining and greeting a glider passing above while daughter Anne is capturing the moment with her camera - this very picture encapsulates our sentiments and feelings for the Lauragais. Loving the moment, enjoying the present, yet also longing for faraway places we have not yet seen. Having lived in Le Lauragais for almost two decades it is quite a change to reign in the accustomed distant views to neighboring long tree-lined boulevards, stately houses, the occasional quiet park and clear lakes... moving to a city.

The city of Berlin offers much in way of culture and art, an overflowing cornucopia of events, exhibitions and exciting places old and new to visit. Below are a few more pictures taken at the impressive TEXTILE ART BERLIN. I am going to do some more research to add the artist's name to each creation. The variety of work was simply overwhelming and it is hard to make a selection. Also see Textile Art Berlin Part I and Part II.

A quilt quite out of the ordinary!
A masterful combination of many crafts and materials
Fish or Bird - Loons come to mind

Lace Work - Heron Taking Flight
Quilt made of fleece and wood

Primavera Quilt
Luminous Quilt
Stained Glass Window St. Marien Church Angermünde

Stained Glass Pieces - St. Marien Church, Angermünde - Scherbenfenster
Don't the stained glass windows resemble the quilt? So luminous. The stained glass window with no obvious motif was made was made with hundreds of small glass fragments and sherds collected from the rubble by the citizens of Angermünde after the church itself had been bombed.

Scherbenfenster - Stained Glass Window made of Fragments - St. Marien Church Angermünde
It is called The Fragment Window and was pieced together soon after the war and left as one can see it now as a reminder and warning for later generations.

Speaking of new horizons - I came across a lovely Estonian Lace pattern which Megan Mills figured out - and in Aukland, New Zealand she is about as far away from Berlin as one can be - so hurray once again for Ravelry to have offered a meeting place for crafty people! I was so eager to try this lace pattern that I set aside other projects (a turn of events well known to fellow crafters), downloaded Megan's charted and written pattern and made a small lace patch that grew and grew. But now what ? No more of the same yarn - maybe I should turn it into one module of a vest?
Spring 2015 - the swatch grew into a shawl and was swooped off the needles by a wonderful friend who is now wearing it in California (USA).

Estonian Lace Pattern - Recreated by Megan Mills
Estionian Lace Pattern - Recreated by Megan Mills
Estonian Lace Pattern - Recharted and written by Megan Mills
White Lily - just for opening and closing this post with a picture of nature's splendor!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful memories to cherish. Yet, the presence is so inviting and exciting with many wonderful new beginnings to discover, doors to open and walk through. The Estonian star/flower is elegant, timeless motif I enjoyed every bit of knitting. Glad you get to play with it. I would continue with another yarn perhaps to create a subtle monochromatic hues. HUGS.