Monday, July 21, 2014


The TEXTILE ART BERLIN presented the work of amazing textile artists. I would like to show you the creations of two more artists who participated in the exposition. Click here for all posts with the topic Textile Art Berlin
Hildegard Braatz: 9-Patch 1. Old Lace Fragments and hand-dyed fabric
Hildegard Braatz - quilt artist extraordinary. An interview with her can be found here, also more pictures of her beautiful, unusual quilt creations.Click here for her personal website. Some of her quilts combine handmade paper with pieces of antique lace and embroidery - and she sells small treasure packages with different lace snippets and pieces so you can fulfil your personal lace dream collage!  ( The pictures are by Hildegard Braatz.

Hildegard Braatz - Spitzencollage - Lace Collage
Hildegard Braatz - Spitzencollage - Lace Collage
Another artist presenting her work at the TEXTILE ART BERLIN was Eva Lippert. She is catching and weaving textile dreams on a small table loom, combining treasures such as beads, lace, yarns, feathers etc. into glistening, precious pieces of jewellery-like cuffs or long wrist / arm warmers. If you wish to own some of her creations, write to her at:

Cuffs by Eva Lippert
Aren't these cuffs just magic: each one is different and it takes time to discover and sufficiently admire all those lovingly added details. I stood at the glass vitrine that held some of her creations for a long time and found it so hard to leave, especially since a small and very pretty girl was dancing around in the booth, bringing a smile to everybody's face!

The next two pictures are by Eva Lippert:
Eva Lippert: Fireworks. Woven arm warmers
Eva Lippert: Rosengarten. Woven cuffs.

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