Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Visits from my grandson

There is always the need of clothing for babies! A friend of mine is expecting her child at the end of the summer and I thought a light-weight bonnet would be something practical to have:

The bonnet is made of cotton yarn, crochet hook 3,5 (E-4). A crochet fan pattern, and the edge outlined with simple dc/sc stitches, using a fine contrasting yarn. The bonnet is closed with two ca. 25 cm ribbons, the chains made like a Solomon stitch crochet cast-on. E-mail me if you need more information. Need a suitable card for announcing the birth of a new baby? Here it is, in Cindy's blog Scherenschnitte - Papercuts. She lives in the US, does masterful papercuts, also on commission.

To my great joy and delight, I was able to see my grandson Victor for a week earlier this month. A four-year old boy, charming, lively, intensely interested in just about everything except going to bed. And maybe due to my steadily advancing age, and reflecting on the wars that have been going on for all the years in my life at some place or another in the world, I once again began comparing the life of present-day children, their environments and everyday happenings with mine so many years ago. How lucky many of us are, living in an area without hostile conflicts or worse.

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Thank you for reading this post.

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Anonymous said...

Love the bonnet! I must admit I haven't given one as a baby gift all these years...adding that to my list for future giving :D

Just did the Kiva loan. Thanks for the link, my friend :D

Lynn Ross said...

Your grandson Victor looks so much like his mum. I'm glad you got to spend time with him. Those days are so precious.