Saturday, May 25, 2013

Call me nostalgic...

but occasionally, I love listening to songs that send my memory on a long trip back to when we were flower-children-young and thought we could save the world and make it better for our children. Did we? I wonder.

Today my young friend Lara posted a link to Annie's Song by John Denver and although his music is probably no longer very popular today, I still carry a candle for this singer and his song-writing and singing talent. He was a master of evoking nostalgic feelings and mind frames.

These days everything is "vintage" if not at least retro. Since I am definitely vintage age-wise, I suppose my present-day projects are already vintage, I am knitting or crocheting current oxymorons, so to speak. This wrap shawl blanket capelet or whatever it will become is leading-edge vintage proof! I am using different sized hooks, a variety of crochet stitches and knitted rows, some knotting, and heaping in stash yarns and some beads, all in the color range from white to light beige, with a hint of gentle pastel colors if they happen to suddenly sneak out from the skeins as they unwind, like zauberballs keeping the knitter or crocheter happy and occasionally in suspense.

I love the looks, feel and lushness of fabric and yarns and the way they compliment each other despite their different structures and provenance - peacefully mixed media of another kind. The wrap  is For Sale (send me an e-mail or go to Ravelry Lauragais).

Closing this post with some more links to wonderful John Denver songs - "Sunshine on my shoulders" and one of my absolute favorites: "Take me Home".

(Click on this link: Many Useful Textile Crafts Tips and scroll to the bottom of the post.)


Judy Edmonds said...

DH and I have been listening to music this evening from our early adulthood, so I know what you mean :) Lovely post.

Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

What a beautiful shawl.

Laura said...

Thank you Judy and Harpa - Music and working with yarn - the sun is shining on us even if the skies were grey!