Friday, November 22, 2013

Silky Sari Ribbons and Lush Velvet

The season for secrete delights is here - luxurious and fabled fabrics such as soft velvet, shiny and smooth leather, felted materials, sleek long woollen skirts, heavy corduroy jackets... the very feel of those materials makes one get a bit warmer inside and wish for a nice cup of tea, a few lighted candles, some pre-Christmas cookies, a Dresdner Stollen, oh, such delights!  Stollen have a long tradition in Germany and special family recipes are handed down through centuries. The picture below is from this source.

The other day I had the very rare chance to go window shopping. I love looking at beautiful things, dropping into shops where no music is blaring, feasting my eyes on fashionable or antique items, new and old editions of books, the latest practical household items nobody really needs, and then there are those yarn stores... but never fear, I am definitely just looking!

I admit though that I caved in when I saw VELVET outfits, lovely long and narrow-cut trousers, elegant smooth blazers, stylish knit cardigans, cotton tops and blouses - in BURGUNDY and PURPLE, colors I really like and somehow neglected a bit over the years. And before I got too carried away with that vision of a new and elegant me, those velvet trousers and a blouse in my bag cheerfully welcomed the addition of a pair of happy socks, purple with pink polka-dots. No drastic style change for me after all.

stash virtually on the spot of one of my loveliest treasures: Silk Sari Ribbon yarn. A solid crocheted base band (approx. length 28"/70 cm, 1 1/2 " width) of regular single/double crochet stitches, into which I knotted on one side the purple Silk Sari Ribbon (cut to different lengths and tied into various sized bows) and a very fine feathery black thread, while on the other side of the band I crocheted stiff bows with pearl cotton DMC (5) to form a petite stand-up color, a bit into the Downton Abbey direction. Click here for another color of Louisa Harding Silk Sari Ribbon, temptingly still in my stash. - As it turned out, the scarf was a perfect match for my lovely friend Donna and her always exceptional outfits - so it changed hands quickly and looking at the picture of Donna wearing the scarf at Thanksgiving dinner, it is clear that it truly was meant for her!


Lovely Donna -
Lovely, Donna!

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Lynn Ross said...

Lovely stuff. I can feel it in my hands. Hope you're managing to keep warm.xx