Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dutch Masters Painting the Sky

As if the night sky wanted to stay into the day - splendiferous display of colors: from charcoal black and ashy grey, from dazzling yellow to brilliant amber to bright, almost incandescent and eruptive gold, from a tender hue of pink to earthy terra cotta to smoldering, glowing deep red, from eggshell white to azure blue - engraving the landscape silhouette in all its details against the horizon. The Dutch master painters must also have been early risers ...

This post does not include my usual textile references and new projects - but I thought you would enjoy looking at the autum sky now that October is here and we need to feast our eyes on those wonderful fall colors! 

PS: Of course there's always a small yarn tale to tell - this specific one is ribbon yarn by Louisa Harding and the muted silk is home-spun and one of my earliest efforts of dyeing pastel colors. At least some of the yarns are immersing themselves into the above color abundance.

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Vibeke said...

i am HUGELY enjoying looking at that beautiful takes my breath away. thank YOU!!