Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fragile February Flowers

Winter appears to be the longest season on the northern half of the globe. Those rare sunny days seem to lift our spirits instantly and make us realize just how beautiful the world is with flowers in all colors. Maybe those long winters were one of the reasons for those colorful garments on Scandinavia, such as the Finnish national costumes, to be so bright, the red offset by white and lots of embroidery. With those images in mind I thought of an especially bright and colorful heart to work against winter chills...

I made a couple of Valentine hearts as a cheerful reminder that spring is coming soon! The first one is a crochet heart with whipstitch embroidery. The eggshell colored cotton is 8-ply, while the other cotton yarns are all 2-ply, in the predominant colors of Finnish costumes. Isn't the lace edging of the white handcherkief lovely!

And the second one is crocheted as well, just the thing to send to someone special in a snail-mail letter with your good wishes!

And how about a little dance, waltzing in a triangle to get prepared for those early spring festivals, outdoor cafès, music and light-blue skies ? Here is an unusual pas-de-trois!

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Anonymous said...

Fond memories Thanks for the triangle waltz. I am prepping higher math for my girls this week and this is a great addition to my material.