Monday, July 9, 2012

Transparent Spaces

 There are incredible textile artists found all over the world. This cloister could not be more beautiful, the airiness of the crocheted web countervailing the massive Roman architecture, and somehow reminiscient of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, especially the skeleton of the church made of strings and hung upside down, to be seen in the museum below the church.
Artist TOSHIKO - HORIU " Chiesa Romanica con colonne a crochet"

Geometric crochet impressions of a Roman Cloister. Also see: Cathedral Knitting in this blog.
Jorge Centofanti: In the Illumination Series, this is a detail of the Dome Panel / Coupole I. This is all done freehand, a true master plan is visualized and realized to perfection. Inevitably, intricate lace pattern come to mind.

Below the collar for the Timbuctoo project: An I-Cord Collar with three yarns held together: my own handspun and madder-dyed silk from eons ago, ribbon tape and alpaca wool. A larger bead at one end, a button hole worked into the I-cord at the other end. Three rows of crochet, working in a gold and copper colored twisted ribbon.


Anonymous said...

I love Toshiko's work, both presented in color fest and natural state. Your free-range Timbuctoo piece is fascinating. I love the palette you tossed together and will look forward to its transformation. Thanks for the lovely feed of inspiration, my friend :D

Laura said...

Thank you, Sarah. I do enjoy the virtual journey to Timbuctoo.