Sunday, June 17, 2012

Frivolous Frills

Boleros are such nice little garments. Making them is a lot of fun because one can let one's fantasy run wild. And they are so useful, a wee shrug that is not quite a cardigan but a bit more substantial than a wrap because it needs no fiddling and wrapping and throwing across your shoulder, which in my case invariably ends in a disaster because the wrap will start slipping the moment I move, and nevermind those pins and toggles and buttons! A bolero truly is a quick knit and a very good chance to use up those orphan yarns, a stash buster par excellence. This bolero (based on a pattern by Tiny Owl Knits) is called Swiss Miss - and Susanne knows why...

Bolero - a word with very many meanings
For me it always brings to my mind the incredible performance of the Stuttgart Ballet, Marcia Haydee and Richard Cragun dancing in Maurice Béjart's choreography Bolero Part 1 and 2 - it is well worth watching it, listening to the Bolero music written by Maurice Ravel - simply fascinating right to the riveting end!


DeLeewit said...

Such a gorgeous little thing, Laura! Love it:)

Anonymous said...

So true. It provides such a limitless canvas to play and let one's imagination runs wild and freely. And what you have created here is such a welcoming piece of art wear. It resonates the fields of summery blooms I'm seeing abundance over here. Enjoy your fruit, my friend.