Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bonsai Tri Angle Bag

Mini-Triangle KAL, Jane Thornley: I started a modular Wrap in the most light-weight kid silk haze - and ran out of yarn. So until the rest of the yarn I ordered for my Tri Angle Wrap arrives, I started two mini-mini-Kals, one is completed: a tiny azuma bukuro bag, knitted instead of sewn. With my antique white and green silk embroidery floss from Schürer (J.S. 20) I knitted three "squares" in one piece in seed stitch, each with a diagonal yo k2tog
(see drawing) which makes the tiny picot edge at
the bottom and helps define the folding lines.
For finishing, it requires two seams, joining the diagonals in front and back.

In Japan, an azuma bukuro bag is made of fabric and knotted with the pointed ends. It is so practical, it folds flat, can serve as a protection against wind and rain, a small apron, and as far as volume is concerned you'd be amazed just how much goes into an azuma bukuro bag! It is also great to carry knitting stuff, including long needles! They are quick to make out of fabric and make nice gifts.

Japanese Packaging is an art in itself. Here are just a few methods. If you are interested, see this link and this one for reading Japanese Knitting patterns.


Sarah said...

Brainy modular knit in embroidered floss is just too cool. It open my eyes yet for another possibility when going shopping LOL Our Jo-Ann (a fabric store) is moving to a larger space in two weeks so it has been clearing its inventory in incremental discount. Last weekend, I clean out its silk spool collection totally. They will be plied with my hand-spun over time of course. But my wildest dream is to hand-stitch in silk threads a garment :D

I love your triangle creation thus far and wish your yarn would arrive soon!!!! Glad to see you knitting though. Fall is definitely here--cooler temperature and rain. With the household of sickies, it suits me just fine. Today is a packing day after spending some time with my SIL visiting, then off to the valley and the coast for family retreat. I have to clear my head...and start the accountability in design work! Wish me luck :D

Laura said...

I am sending you truck-loads of luck, moving a mountain of bonne chance! Thanks for your comment. I inherited all of my mother's embroidery yarn, the brothers laid no claim on it ;-) - and it is such a treasure!