Monday, March 29, 2010

Morning Sun on a Forest Clearing Kimono

It took a while! Life intervened, as usual. But as long as it took, I am happy with the result and so that's all one can want, can't one? Started last year in May, not really knowing whether it would turn into a wrap, a shrug or vest, the  project started quite sometime ago finally turned into a Kimono.

I completed it on February 27, 2010 and took it on a three-week journey through Viet Nam. It was the perfect travel outfit, not too warm yet providing protection against the sun and cooler late evening breezes in Hanoi.
All parts finished, I added a slanted collar, adding short row after short row until it was just the perfect neckline for most of my tops, just covering them. Some beadwork brought in some glizz and a crochet border along the bottom, also beaded, gave a bit of structure to the stripes.

And here two pictures of the Forest Clearing with wild orchids and marguerites.


Sarah said...

Welcome back, Laura! What glory of colors...I just love the color combination and textures thrown together. Very intriguing masterpiece. Wish I can see a close up on bead details and touch with my fingers. This finished kimono will be an inspiration to other knitters who should also know to dig deep into their stashes if they want to make anything nearly as wonderful! Kudos.

What's next?

Laura said...

Thank you my dear supportive friend! I have a few pictures of the beading but not good enough - will make some more and add them to the project. I am happy you like it!