Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morning Symphony

Like a Dutch masterpiece painting - the sky on that morning on the first day of December 2009.

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Sarah said...

The power of nature...its dark, pinks, purples, reds, and golden of a sunrise is very serene on early winter morning. It reminded me of the days when I vacationed in the country and used to sit on the back patio and watch deer coming out of the woods looking for something to eat. It was always very peaceful to be outside enjoying the fresh air and listening to the muffled sounds around me. It could be wind shuffling little leaves left on the trees, or a car far off in the distance stepping on the accelerator.
You can’t recreate this feeling indoors where the silence is truly silent. Mother nature isn’t allowed in climate controlled buildings. So I won’t hear the chirps of the birds or a chipmunk scurrying for his little hole in the ground. Indoors the silence can be maddening because it is so quiet and still I don’t know if I'm alive. Outside in the air, silence is beautiful because it’s not only what I don’t hear but also everything I do hear and also what I feel. Thanks for the captivating masterpiece, Laura.