Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to Square One - LF Reknitting Vignettes

The NEW first vignette is made of of black DMC cotton, with a few knitted in golden seed beads.
Three rows of garter stitch MEZ embroidery floss, golden Anny Blatt ribbon, followed by dark chocolate brown Lana Grossa Sari, mirroring the Central Panel colour scheme.

The previous first
vignette was simply
too narrow and the
yarn for the second
vignette too thick,
which cause the
second vignette to
spread out too much.
So it was back to
square one, or rather to the central panel.


Sarah said...

It just means you will have that much more time playing, exploring, and learning, Laura, for a glorious Little Fishies :D

Sarah said...

Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment on my daughter's Talia, my friend. Needless to say, she is my enabler and inspiration. I too wish she would post her own projects on Ravelry or blog...but, she is not at that place yet. It's a funny place to be 13 :D

I miss seeing that handsome prince (grandchild) of yours. Pictures, pictures, please. Baby grows tooooo fast.