Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gardenia Blossom in May

Beautiful and precious, the short-lived gardenia blossom in hues of white, pink, rosé

Speaking of the transciency of a flower - also see post on Sizing Down


Sarah said...

O lovely bloom with sunlight draping around its soft sweet brilliance. Your vanilla white beauty is pleasing to the eye. I can sense the heavenly aroma even across the ocean.

It's the Memorial weekend here in the U.S. so there are abundance of food, outdoor ejoyment with families and friends. A getaway to Spain will be swell. There are way too many travel in the summer months and I am not looking forward to. It's just not in my vein right now--not sure why???? Enjoy your weekend, Laura.

Laura said...

An instant response - oh what a wonderful surprise! I completely forgot about Memorial weekend, so a bit belatedly I wish you a great time with your family and friends.
We just returned from Spain, a 10 day trip through the Extremadura, and there will be an extra Extremadura post with pictures of stones, storks and skies. Traveling in summer - it is hard to leave when at home the temperatures are great for being outdoors and nature is inviting to be outside.
I love your latest posts, especially of the doily turned afghan!
Best to you and the family -