Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Victor Harry

What can I say! Our first grandchild, Victor Harry, was born on
17 March 2009, St. Patrick's Day, just 10 minutes shy of midnight.
Everybody is very happy and very grateful.


Sarah said...

CONGRATULATION, Laura. What a sweet, blessed moment of joyous celebration! I am sharing your excitement. Post picture soon!!!!

I have been thinking of you and your hubby. How are you holding up?

Laura said...

Sarah, you are so sweet! And isn't Victor a wonderful gift to us all. I wish we could see and hold him, but the family is spread over three countries, actually four, as we sort of adopted Helene, a former exchange student from France, now one of the godmothers of Victor. Luckily, the proud father is keeping us posted with pictures.
My husband is doing great in rehab, this is the best place to be to get professional help and uplifting advice, the doctors are experts, the staff is incredibly helpful and cheerful, the atmosphere truly inspiring, so many seriously sick people are seeking help here and yet there is this positive atmosphere everywhere and even a lot of happy faces and laughs, but also moments of despair for those who came to their limit. Yet even then, being with others who understand their plight is perhaps also a way of healing and accepting.

Anonymous said...

you never sent us this nice picture!!!

Laura said...

Dearest G+R - you should read your E-Mails regularly!
Grosses bises!