Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Power Knitting

Last week's violent storm presented us three days without electricity. The roaring and whistling of the storm was truly frightening, we expected the roof to be blown away and the wonderful over 350 year old oak trees to give way to the force of the storm. But we were lucky this time - no real major damage, it could have been so much worse.

Huddled around an open fireplace for those three days this power-free time also meant a lot of reading, knitting and crocheting - until the daylight went.
The fireplace came in handy for preparing hot tea and soup as well, using our trusty 40 year old camping pots and pans!

My Blue Scrumble 1 project turned into an
evening opera cuff or wristlet. Made black
double Dorset Buttons for closing.

I also started two more freeform scrumbles -
inspired by Prudence Mapstone's 2009 Weekly Scrumble -
with all that free time around the hearth ...

The yellow ball is my hand-spun and dyed silk

The silver-colored ball of yarn
is Annie Blatt Kanpur

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