Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Flowers and Silk for the Festive Season

A wonderful festive season and all the best for the year 2015!
Some more scribble?
This is the best description I read about the joys of knitting scribble: "The technique achieves the fragility, transparency and soft drape of lace without any fancy stitches and is a good way to showcase those yarns you may have bought because they looked wonderful in the skein but were disapointing when knit up. The character of the yarn is maintained since none of it is hidden behind other stitches."  This is a quote I found in the amazing book "Unexpected Knitting" by designer Debbie New.

Some beads add to the precious look of silk
Fiber Fusion Silk married to the finest French Cotton
I did not find someone to model my Taos Winter scribble scarf but once my friend in France unpacks her Christmas present I hope I will get a picture of her wearing it. At the end of the year my eyes are on scribble and I am eager to try a few more projects using this great technique.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sketchy Scribble

Scribble - a fascinating art - with yet another almost unknown meaning! 
This is not about your regular scribble, be it for children to train their hand-eye coordination or adults, absent-mindedly doodling an abstract drawing during a boring telephone call. But there is yet another, lesser known meaning of the noun and verb in the field of textile crafts:

Writing a secret scribble lace code
Cordonnet from Cartier & Bressons, Paris (France), Sari Silk Fiber FusionTaos (USA)
Finest Yarn in Pristine Condition

Scribble is also a technique in knitting, expertly described in the beautiful book "Unexpected Knitting" by Debbie New. She has been a trailblazer in NEW knitting techniques, and the book really lives up to its name, every project is an eye-opener and every pattern and description of the items will amaze even an experienced knitter. A sea-worthy coracle made of lace? Knitted teacups? A pixel-knitted picture of Debbie's grandmother? There seems to be no end to her imagination. Just reading about her many professions will make you dizzy with admiration, as she excelled in every one of them.
Fiber Fusion for Wild Fantasies - The Color Range of Dreams
So when I received the generous gift from textile artists, multi-talented Faith Welsh and Monte McBride (FB ) - a package containing recycled Silk in luminous colors, I could not think of any better way to fully enjoy the beauty of these yarns than displaying their essence in a visually unlimited 360° round-about-view. This is true and wild scribble, as the bulky yarn will determine its very own position and loops in the lacework.

Scribble Lace is a perfect technique for the purpose of keeping yarn visible for admiration, while adding a truly lacy and light-weight background to offset the color and texture of the main yarn. Unless you want to wear the yarn "as is" as suggested by my friend Sarah Peery. See more pictures of the handspun Sari Silk in this post or here on Ravelry.

Form follows Function - Liberated Yarns
It is worth visiting their site Fiber Fusion Taos (Spin Artiste) - yarns to make you dream, gorgeous wraps and shawls, interesting interviews with fascinating textile artists and, yes, Giveaways!

By the way: the term Scribble, or scrawly in the sense of almost undecipherable handwriting is translated into German with a lovely onomatopoetic word: Krikel-Krakel! Also: Gekritzel.

Scribble Lace Designed by Nature - Berlin (Germany) November 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Symbolic Frontier of Lights - Berlin

On November 9th, Berlin celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. 7000 ballons were lit along a 15 km long segment of the former course of the wall that once separated the city. Truly a symbolic frontier of lights - LICHTERGRENZE - . At the Brandenburg Gate, Conductor Daniel Barenboim directed the Berliner Staatskapelle playing Beethoven's Ode to Joy, renaming it for the event: FREIHEIT SCHÖNER GÖTTERFUNKEN - ODE TO FREEDOM. 
Daily Press: Fireworks illuminating Brandenburg Gate, 9 November 2014
And then the illuminated balloons were released, one after the other, their shell shimmering for some moments and then disappearing into the night, like the wall disappeared out of view. A truly magic moment. Listen to The Winds of Change to catch the spirit.
At the center: Can you see my daughter looking back?
 An estimated one million people wandered slowly through the streets, smiling, happy and elated with the spirit of freedom and unity.
Just before sundown - near Kremmen (Brandenburg, Germany)
Grey Cranes (Grus Grus) flying South
A week before this event, friends invited us for a trip to Kremmen (near Berlin) where thousands of Grey Cranes stop to feed and rest for a few days on their long flight South. A truly amazing event it was, seeing these flocks of cranes flying above, honking as if to have a conversation or keep in close contact during their long trip, constantly changing individual positions in the long stretched-out lines but essentially maintaining their famous energy-saving V-formation, oldest birds leading.
Grey Cranes Flying South
Grey Cranes Flying South
The sky was cloudy, a blessing in disguise because it allowed us to witness an amazingly beautiful sunset, trees silhouetted against the sky of many colors, cranes crossing our path on the ground and flying above in smaller and larger groups - PURE MAGIC!

Knitting took a back seat for the past couple of weeks but a few projects saw the light of the day. I want to make an unsual textile piece to showcase the gift from a very generous and always inspiring Ravelry friend, Faith Welsh of FIBER FUSION Taos. She (Faith Welsh) and her friend Monte McBride are blessed with a true feeling for fibers as you can easily see when visiting their sites. I was the lucky winner of two skeins of gorgeous silk yarn, so beautiful I have it sit in front of me during work to feast my eyes whenever I want to. Hard to find a project displaying the yarn in its full beauty - maybe a scribble shawlette, lacy and light, combined with kid silk haze? A heart-warming idea ...

Recycled Silk from Fiber Fusion
Shining and glossy, candy of eyes and soul
Magnificent Colors!
Imagine! Faith and Monte are selling these !

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ART TEXTILE BERLIN IV - Picking up Threads

Our move from the vast and sparsely populated French Midi to mega-city Berlin requires a period of adaptation. Life in a beautiful place came to an end and is missed tremendously. Luckily, it is not material possessions we miss. It is friends one cannot easily visit any longer, it is my country cat Howard who did find a new home but is missed every day, and there is le Lauragais landscape, the infinite fields, wide horizons, Pyrenees mountains, the Montagne Noir, and the sky with sunrises and sunsets beautiful beyond description - all of this having been the main reasons for living in that part of France for almost two decades.
 Timbuctoo - adding new circles
In many ways we are lucky to have found a true home and friends in so many places, be it in Germany, the UK, the United States or in France - so I would like to belief that we will feel at home again someday in this big city of Berlin. I am slowly picking up my threads again in the truest sense of the word, getting my yarn stash organized and continuing dormant projects. The cowl Timbuctoo has made a few steps forward - moving along the road to Timbuctoo inch by inch so to speak. As one says, the path is the goal. And who says one has to hurry knitting ...

This is the last part of  ART TEXTILE BERLIN - highlighting a few more artists participating in the exposition in Berlin. The vast array of arts kept the visitor almost spellbound - each room held new surprises, affording lovely insights into old and new crafts and creations. Click here to see all four blog posts on ART TEXTILE BERLIN.

Two more works by Eva Lippert - showcasing her art in a glass cabinet. Such lovely gatherings of materials, be it beads or buttons, yarns or fleece, an almost transparent precious look at one time, darkly glossy and beautiful the other, combining knitting, crocheting, beading, quilting, weaving, just following the voice of the materials.

Mormon, Anne-Marie

- See more at:

Beautiful gathering of sensuous materials

Mormon, Anne-Marie

- See more at:

Mormon, Anne-Marie

- See more at:
Showcasing textile and beadwork delights
This tool Wikinger Strickliesel (Viking Spool) is used for making jewelry: wires are wound around a stick and calibrated. Naal binding is also a technique taught by Gabriele Kister-Schuler.

See this interesting blog by Tara for excellent pictures of bracelets made with the Wikinger Strickliesel. You can see how the wire is  wound and stitched around a stick, its size determinant for the length and diameter, crocheting in the round so to speak.

Jewelry made with Wikinger Strckliesel (spool knitting)
Bracelet made with Wikinger Strickliesel (Bracelet and picture by Tara)
Anne-Marie Françoise Mormon - glass jewelry, handmade of the finest Murano or Lauscha glass, using ancient glass winding techniques.

Rings - Jewelry and Photos by Anne-Marie Mormon
Closing this post with a picture of folded Origami ornaments, bringing bright rainbow colors into the church St. Maria, in Angermünde (Uckermark, Germany). I was thinking of how lucky we are that we are able to live in a safe place and how urgently we need to help those less fortunate.

If you wish you can leave a message via the comment link below or use the e-mail link in left column. Looking for a list of genuinely useful information and tutorials? See this post.

In all colors of the rainbow - Origami in St. Maria (St. Angermünde, Germany) 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


The Lauragais landscape flows in soft waves to the far horizon. Occasionally, there is a bastide, a castle or a windmill accentuating the slight rises from the plains, serving as a resting point to the eye before searching for yet another elevation. The golden sea of sunflowers and wheat, the multi-colored untilled fields and the various green crops gracing the undulating harmonious landscape create a visual harmony no man can replicate in all its beauty and variety.

Le Lauragais
In most every way the picture above - grandson Victor, lifting his arms in a subconscious gesture as if ready to take off, joining and greeting a glider passing above while daughter Anne is capturing the moment with her camera - this very picture encapsulates our sentiments and feelings for the Lauragais. Loving the moment, enjoying the present, yet also longing for faraway places we have not yet seen. Having lived in Le Lauragais for almost two decades it is quite a change to reign in the accustomed distant views to neighboring long tree-lined boulevards, stately houses, the occasional quiet park and clear lakes... moving to a city.

The city of Berlin offers much in way of culture and art, an overflowing cornucopia of events, exhibitions and exciting places old and new to visit. Below are a few more pictures taken at the impressive TEXTILE ART BERLIN. I am going to do some more research to add the artist's name to each creation. The variety of work was simply overwhelming and it is hard to make a selection. Also see Textile Art Berlin Part I and Part II.

A quilt quite out of the ordinary!
A masterful combination of many crafts and materials
Fish or Bird - Loons come to mind

Lace Work - Heron Taking Flight
Quilt made of fleece and wood

Primavera Quilt
Luminous Quilt
Stained Glass Window St. Marien Church Angermünde

Stained Glass Pieces - St. Marien Church, Angermünde - Scherbenfenster
Don't the stained glass windows resemble the quilt? So luminous. The stained glass window with no obvious motif was made was made with hundreds of small glass fragments and sherds collected from the rubble by the citizens of Angermünde after the church itself had been bombed.

Scherbenfenster - Stained Glass Window made of Fragments - St. Marien Church Angermünde
It is called The Fragment Window and was pieced together soon after the war and left as one can see it now as a reminder and warning for later generations.

Speaking of new horizons - I came across a lovely Estonian Lace pattern which Megan Mills figured out - and in Aukland, New Zealand she is about as far away from Berlin as one can be - so hurray once again for Ravelry to have offered a meeting place for crafty people! I was so eager to try this lace pattern that I set aside other projects (a turn of events well known to fellow crafters), downloaded Megan's charted and written pattern and made a small lace patch that grew and grew. But now what ? No more of the same yarn - maybe I should turn it into one module of a vest?

Estonian Lace Pattern - Recreated by Megan Mills
Estionian Lace Pattern - Recreated by Megan Mills
Estonian Lace Pattern - Recharted and written by Megan Mills
White Lily - just for opeining and closing this post with a picture of nature's splendor!

Monday, July 21, 2014


The TEXTILE ART BERLIN presented the work of amazing textile artists. I would like to show you the creations of two more artists who participated in the exposition. Click here for all posts with the topic Textile Art Berlin
Hildegard Braatz: 9-Patch 1. Old Lace Fragments and hand-dyed fabric
Hildegard Braatz - quilt artist extraordinary. An interview with her can be found here, also more pictures of her beautiful, unusual quilt creations.Click here for her personal website. Some of her quilts combine handmade paper with pieces of antique lace and embroidery - and she sells small treasure packages with different lace snippets and pieces so you can fulfil your personal lace dream collage!  ( The pictures are by Hildegard Braatz.

Hildegard Braatz - Spitzencollage - Lace Collage
Hildegard Braatz - Spitzencollage - Lace Collage
Another artist presenting her work at the TEXTILE ART BERLIN was Eva Lippert. She is catching and weaving textile dreams on a small table loom, combining treasures such as beads, lace, yarns, feathers etc. into glistening, precious pieces of jewellery-like cuffs or long wrist / arm warmers. If you wish to own some of her creations, write to her at:

Cuffs by Eva Lippert
Aren't these cuffs just magic: each one is different and it takes time to discover and sufficiently admire all those lovingly added details. I stood at the glass vitrine that held some of her creations for a long time and found it so hard to leave, especially since a small and very pretty girl was dancing around in the booth, bringing a smile to everybody's face!

The next two pictures are by Eva Lippert:
Eva Lippert: Fireworks. Woven arm warmers
Eva Lippert: Rosengarten. Woven cuffs.